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Tagung [Nimwegen, 14.02.2013]: A bunch of books. Book collections in the medieval Low Countries

„Due to the überlieferungsgeschichtliche Methode and New Philology, the idea that the meaning of texts is determined by the material context in which they are preserved has become central to the study of historical literature in the Low Countries. However, this approach has mainly inspired researchers to study texts in their manuscript context, especially that of miscellanies. During a symposium on book collections we would like to explore the significance of material context outside the manuscript. Not only individual texts, but also manuscripts as a whole functioned in the context of a larger collection of books and derived meaning from the context of this collection.“ (Zitat aus der Tagungsankündigung)

Eine Anmeldung zur Tagung ist noch bis zum 31.01.2013 möglich.

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