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Konferenz [04.-07.10.2016, Luxemburg]: Europe Conference of the Association for Borderland Studies

Vom 4. bis zum 7. Oktober 2016 findet an der Universität Luxemburg die multidisziplinäre Europe Conference of the Association for Borderland Studies (ABS) statt.

Aus dem Veranstaltungstext:

„With the abolition of regular border controls in Schengen Europe, and the fall of the iron curtain, the field of Border Studies has opened up new objects of research and has experienced a noticeable development boost. Although the initial focus was on freight, services, capital and passenger traffic, and the resulting questions in relation to spatial, political, cultural and social aspects, this was followed by social constructivist approaches and relational thinking. The idea of a ‘borderless world’ has become popular, with a certain sensibility for the processes of ‘new border demarcation’.“

Wir dürfen besonders auf die folgenden Beiträge mit Benelux-Bezug hinweisen:

  • Session „Change and instability“
    • Uses of mobile digital media among French cross-border commuters in Luxembourg (Corinne Martin, University of Lorraine)
  • Session „Growth and sustainability“
    • The European grouping of territorial cooperation (EGTC): Towards a supraregional scale of governance? Case study: Greater Region SaarLorLux (Estelle Evrard, University of Luxembourg)
    • Borders as a creative resource (Martin van der Velde, Radboud University Nijmegen)
    • The reinforcement opportunities of a cross-border train connection: the example of the railway between Liège (Belgium) and Maastricht (Netherlands) (Jean-Marc Lambotte, University of Liège / Pierre-François Wilmotte, University of Liège / Bruno Bianchet, University of Liège / Mark Keppens, Arcadis Belgium / Mario Cools, University of Liège / Henri-Jean Gathon, University of Liège)
  • Session „Multilingualism and diversity“
    • Dynamic encounters between asylum applicants and the multilingual society of Luxembourg – linguistic repertoires built with truncated competences? (Erika Kalocsányiová, University of Luxembourg / Maria Asuncion Bes Izuel, University of Luxembourg)
    • Place identity and regional bonds in twin-villages at the German-Luxembourg border (Annette Spellerberg, University of Kaiserlautern / Katharina Engelhardt, University of Kaiserlautern)
  • Session „Mobility and multilocality“
    • Social work for the homeless from A10 in Amsterdam: Borderwork and the emerging transnational infrastructure of care (Anna Nikolaeva, Royal Holloway University of London)
    • Moving from nation into region: The everyday practice of cross-border dwelling in the Greater Region SaarLorLux (Elisabeth Boesen, University of Luxembourg)
    • Continuity over de border: Luxembourg and Lorraine (Kenmei Tsubota, Institute of Developing Economies)
    • Economic impact of the cross-border work on the communes of residence: example at the French-Luxembourgish border (Isabelle Pigeron-Piroth, University of Luxembourg / Rachid Belkacem, University of Lorraine)
    • Cross-border activity-travel patterns for non-work related activities: the Luxembourg residents perspective (François Sprumont, University of Luxembourg / Isabelle Pigeron-Piroth, University of Luxembourg / Viti Francesco, University of Luxembourg)

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