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Vortrag [Münster, 23.01.2018]: Hanneke Loerts – The awful Dutch gender system

Hanneke Loerts (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) hält am 23. Januar 2018 um 16 Uhr im Rahmen eines Seminars von Dietha Koster (WWU Münster) einen Gastvortrag mit dem Titel The awful Dutch gender system. ERPs reveal difficulties in gender processing in native and bilingual Dutch speakers.

Der Vortrag findet im Raum 117 statt (Robert-Koch-Straße 29).

Aus dem Ankündigungstext:

„Grammatical gender can be a major stumbling block when learning a second language (L2), especially at a later stage in life, and the non-transparent and asymmetrical Dutch gender system appears to be exceptionally difficult to master. The availability and reliability of morphological structures in the input play a crucial role and the general assumption that children raised bilingually will eventually catch up with their monolingual peers may not always hold true. What do these results tell us about the future of our Dutch gender system?“