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Niederländisch & Friesisch – neu im Web: Taalportaal

Die diese Woche mit einer Demoversion online gegangene Website Taalportaal ist ein Internetprojekt, in dem eine umfassende Grammatik der niederländischen und der friesischen Sprache erstellt werden soll. Taalportaal richtet sich an ein internationales, wissenschaftliches Publikum. Zitat aus der Selbstbeschreibung:

Taalportaal (or Language Portal) will ultimately provide access to a comprehensive and authoritative scientific grammar for Dutch and Frisian. Taalportaal will be an interactive knowledge base about of the two official languages of the The Netherlands.

Up to now there has been no comprehensive scientifically-based description of the grammars of Dutch and Frisian. This is a serious shortcoming, considering that

  • language is seen as an important part of cultural identity and cultural heritage
  • a large number of people learn these languages as a second language
  • educated speakers frequently lack grammatical knowledge of their native language
  • Dutch is an important object of study in linguistic theory and related fields of research

Taalportaal will fill the gap by providing a thorough description of the phonology, morphology and syntax of the two languages. […]

The aim of Taalportaal is to collect existing information about the grammars of Dutch and Frisian and to make it available through the internet in a way which is both accessible and scientifically viable. Such a language portal is unique in the world. Three core domains traditionally distinguished in linguistics – phonology, morphology and syntax – will be integrated into one portal using extensive cross referencing to ensure optimal linking. This will offer interesting opportunities for linguists who will be able to discover relations and connections between linguistic phenomena that have remained hidden until now. Taalportaal will, however, be equally important to people dealing with language and grammar in a more practical way, such as teachers, language advisors and authors developing teaching materials.“

Taalportaal ist ein Kooperationsprojekt des Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie (INL), des Meertens Instituut, der Universiteit Leiden und der Fryske Akademy.



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