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Konferenz [Albuquerque, 1.-4.11.2018]: The Sixteenth Century Society and Conference

Vom 1. bis zum 4. November 2018 findet die jährliche Sixteenth Century Society and Conference (SCSC) im Hyatt Regency Hotel in Albuquerque (New Mexico) statt.

Im Programm finden sich zahlreiche Beiträge mit Benelux-Bezug, die gleichzeitig einen Einblick in aktuelle Forschungsprojekte vor allem der nordamerikanischen Low Countries Studies bieten:

  • Saskia Beranek (Colby College): Seeing the Unseen: Plato and Aristotle in Rembrandt’s “Aristotle and the bust of Homer”
  • Jun Cho (Amherst College): Foreign Prince, Native Court, and the Ruptures of Commerce in the Burgundian Netherlands, ca. 1477-1506
  • Kirsten M. Christensen (Pacific Lutheran University): The Mystical Pericope: Obscuring and Revealing the Bible in Two Dutch Texts
  • Victoria Christman (Luther College): A Woman in a Man’s World: Mary of Hungary, Queen-Regent of the Netherlands
  • Kyle Dieleman (Trinity Christian College): Dutch Reformed Identity Formation: Sabbath and Education in Wemeldinge, Netherlands
  • Wim François (KU Leuven) and Sabrina Corbellini (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen): Shaping Religious Reading Cultures in the Early Modern Netherlands: The ‘Glossed Bibles’ of Jacob van Liesvelt (1532 and 1534ff.) and Willem Vorsterman (1533-34ff.)
  • Sabine Hiebsch (Theologische Universiteit Kampen): Lutheran Confessional Culture within the Minority Context of the Dutch Republic
  • Renske A. Hoff (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen): Framing a Biblical Reading Culture: A Study of the Impact of Vernacular Bibles on Religious Reading Practices (1526-1545)
  • Barbara A. Kaminska (Sam Houston State University): “Sir, I have no man”: Biblical Healings and Care for the Sick in the Early Modern Netherlands
  • Matthew C. Kocsan (Tulane University): The Miracle of Empel: Catholicism and Identity and the Army of Flanders
  • Stephanie Lee (Universiteit Utrecht): Dutch Prints and Chinoiserie at the Dresden Court of August the Strong
  • Julia G. Lillie (Bard Graduate Center): The Network of Johann Bussemacher: A Cologne Publisher Collaborating with Protestant Netherlandish Engravers, 1580-1616
  • Susan Maxwell (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh): Natural History and History Painting in Peter Paul Rubens’ Hippopotamus Hunt
  • Danny Noorlander (State University of New York, Oneonta): “He deserves to be severely punished”: The Banishment and Deportation of Criminals, Political Enemies, and Religious Outsiders in New Netherlands, 1638-1664
  • Judith Noorman and Frans Grijzenhout (Universiteit van Amsterdam): Lady of the House. The Household, Art, and Memoria in the Dutch Republic
  • Michael North (Universität Greifswald): “The Northern Invasion into the Mediterranean”: Dutch-Ottoman Relations in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
  • Jamie L. Richardson (Bryn Mawr College): Mapping Curious Vision: Frans Francken the Younger’s Posthumous Portrayal of Abraham Ortelius (1527-1598) as Cartographer and Collector
  • Andrew Spicer (Oxford Brookes University): Paying the Costs of War: Religious Institutions and Revolt in the Southern Netherlands
  • Keith D. Stanglin (Austin Graduate School of Theology): The Arminian Reception of Erasmus
  • David Strum (Universidade de Sao Paulo): Commercial Litigation and the Governance of Trade between Portugal, Brazil and the Netherlands in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century
  • Yudha Thianto (Trinity Christian College): Church Discipline in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Reformed Church in the East Indies: Church Orders, Sermons, and Practice
  • Bert Tops (KU Leuven): Users and Types of Use of the Dutch Vorsterman Bible of 1533-1534
  • Cora van de Poppe (Universiteit Utrecht): Biblical Structures in Early Modern Dutch Secular Storytelling
  • Gerrit Voogt (Kennesaw State University): “That Despiser of All Visible Churches”: D.V. Coornhert’s Legacy in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic
  • Rachel A. Wise (University of Pennsylvania): Art in the Time of War: Karel van Mander and the Paradox of Dutch Revolt Painting

Hier finden Sie mehr Informationen zur diesjährigen Sixteenth Century Society and Conference.

Das vollständige Konferenzprogramm können Sie hier abrufen (PDF-Datei).

Das Veranstaltungshotel in Albuquerque (New Mexico)

Bildnachweis: By Camerafiend [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons