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Call for Papers [Deadline 15.12.2013]: Observing the First World War from the ‚Periphery‘, Berlin 08.11.-09.11.2014

Vom 08.11. bis 09.11.2014 wird an der Freien Universität Berlin die Tagung Observing the First World War from the ‚Periphery’: Knowledge Transfer and the Transformation of Societies stattfinden, für die nun Beiträge eingereicht werden können. Zitat aus dem Call for Papers:

„The impact of the First World War on transformations of political, social and economic structures of the combatant nations has been extensively discussed in the existing literature.
With an objective of introducing new perspectives, this workshop will raise the question of the ways in which the war contributed to transforming the ‘peripheral nations’. By ‘peripheral nations’ we mean nations which were only marginally involved in military action (e.g., Japan) or nations that entered the war only at a very late stage or not at all (e.g., the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Scandinavian and Latin American nations, China, Thailand). Colonial societies under the rule of these nations will also be included,“

Abgabeschluss für Beitragsvorschläge ist der 15.12.2013. Mehr Informationen bei H-Soz-u-Kult.


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